Today’s home decor is often not as functional as it used to be

We have more and more space than we need, too many people are living in our houses, and the furniture has become too small for all of us.

This is a room. It can be either a house or a room. However, it does not necessarily have to be either of these things. In the real word, rooms can be very different from each other and can vary in size and design, too

Room basics: A house is basically an extended living area where one lives with family members. Inside their own home, they are surrounded by walls and floors to keep them safe from the outside world and keep them secure from intruders. The same applies to rooms in a household as well; one person’s room may serve as another’s bedroom or guestroom at times.

A house has many doors for each room (or hall). Each door leads to different areas of the house like kitchen, livingroometc.. These doors come together at one point

It’s not the most glamorous place to live, but it is the place that you call home.