In the modern world, we use our surroundings to identify and make sense of the world around us

We create “rooms” in our minds that can help us understand what is going on in the real world around us. Sometimes, those rooms are invisible or even confound our senses.

Room is a room in the house that allows us to be together with our children and parents. It is the place where we spend most of our time.

The house is a private place, where you need privacy. The entrance should not be visible from outside. The carpet and the wall paint should not be in the same color. The wall and the floor should also not have holes or scratches. The kitchen table, chairs, and kitchen appliances should be cleaned regularly.

The family is a group of people living together under one roof; they must have unity and harmony in order to live comfortably together as one family. It is necessary that they eat together on the same table with no disagreements or arguments between them over food choices or what to cook for dinner. They also need to eat at different times so they can get used to it and remember their family traditions over time.